Our last two cities have been a wonderful reprieve from the craziness of travel and big cities. Safranbolu lived up to our expections and was our favorite stop on our trip so far.  The Ottoman architecture was exquisite and the town was quiet without feeling abandoned.  We enjoyed a much needed rest day there and then took a short bus ride to Amasra on the Black Sea. 

I’ve never seen the Mediterranean Sea, but I can tell you that the Black Sea is the bluest water I’ve ever seen.  The vistas were absolutely beautiful as the minibus descended the winding road from the mountains to the sea: houses and farms perching on the hillsides, mosques and their minarets poking out of the trees, waves lapping up against the rocky cliffs…

It really felt like a honeymoon, in the traditional sense.  We had dinner overlooking the sea, walked along the pier ın the evening, and sat out on the rocks as the sun set.  We even got someone to take a picture of us with the sea in the background–probably the sole picture of us together on our honeymoon. 

But their wasn’t much else to do there and it was crowded with Turkish tourists (we were again the only non-Turks), so we have left the sea and moved inland for the final stretch of our trip.  We are planning to explore Kastamanu and then Capadoccia for a few days before heading to Ankara for our flight home. 

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