Heading home

We’re in Ankara now, biding time until our flight tomorrow.  My head has started to transition from travel planning to wedding preparation.  I will have a busy week when we get home finishing last minute plans, unpacking, repacking, and making sure my hair and nails don’t look like they’ve been through a Turkish blender.  

I can’t wait for the wedding.  Don’t worry, we took a vote and 2-0 we still want to get married.   In fact, we’ve been practing for three weeks now.  In Turkey men and women are only allowed to sit together on buses (or really anywhere) if they are married.  So we’ve gotten used to calling eachother husband and wıfe.  Steve has even been wearing his ring.   

As we expected, traveling together has been a blast.  We are already brainstorming about where we’ll go next. 

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