The Veracity of Miracles

Why do we seem to lack sufficiently rigorous evidence of miracles? This is a really good question that I think I have some conceptual understanding of. We wouldn’t consider it reasonable to predict miracles and therefore would not plan ex ante to identify the circumstances about which a miracle occurs. However, we might then be Read More

Christian Verbosity

Since I started putting my first thoughts into this entry, I realized that the harsh shrieks and prods of a voice hindering the work of the truth has likely led me to write a sharp rebuke of poorly-informed and poor-form Christian dialogue. What I mean by that is that my hopes for Christians to cease Read More

MS Intern Christian Fellowship

It exists! I’m so excited! My housemate also just forwarded me an email about a weekly Bible study! God is here and moving! Yay! =D My prayers are continuing to be answered… no doubt that God is moving, but to see the opportunities manifest themselves before my eyes is phenomenal.

Small Group Leaders Training

My Small Group Leaders Training notes from Summit 2006.

Creekside Covenant Church

Went there for the first time yesterday. I am blessed to have found a church that I think I will be able to find a home in for the summer.