Plenary: “Tourism as Information Industry” @The 34th Japan Society of Information and Communication Research (JSICR)-The International Communication Forum

Plenary: “Tourism as Information Industry” on June 25, 2016
We had a lively discussion on the issues and possibilities for Japanese tourism in the light of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, including the encouragement of export of Japanese popular culture and ways to support inbound travelers from overseas with the use of ICT (e.g., translation apps, social media and big data).

Toshie Takahashi (Waseda University)

Toshiyuki Imai (JTB)



Motonobu Toyoshima (The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
San-e Ichii (Visual Industry Promotion Organization)
Chihiro Ono (KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc.)
Kei Cho (Communication University of China)

About Toshie Takahashi

Toshie Takahashi is Professor in the School of Culture, Media and Society, Waseda University, Tokyo. She was appointed faculty fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, 2010-2011 and, before that, visiting research fellow at the Department of Education in the University of Oxford. Her current research is an ethnography in youth engagement with digital media in US, UK and Japan. She has been appointed to the technology advisory committee of The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2020. 【早稲田大学文学学術院教授。東京大学大学院博士課程単位取得満期退学。英国LSE大学院Ph.D.取得 (博士号:メディア・コミュニケーション)。オックスフォード大学やハーバード大学と「若者とデジタル・メディア」に関する国際共同研究を行う。東京オリンピック・パラリンピック競技大会組織委員会テクノロジー諮問委員会委員。】
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