Notable New Acquisitions

Tozzer Library adds approximately 5,000 items annually (the collection now numbers about 265,000 books and bound journal volumes).  From all of them we regularly select a few and highlight them on our Selected New Acquisitions web page.


You will currently find new books by graduates Rita Wright (PhD 1984), James L. Fitzsimmons (PhD 2002), Fred Wendorf (PhD 1953) and others on the page.  Books written or edited by faculty members Richard Wrangham, Dan Lieberman and Bill Fash are also there.

Check the Notable New Acquisitions page regularly to see what’s new; books that have been added to the list most recently are at the top.  Links on the page will take you to either the HOLLIS record or to should you wish to purchase a copy for yourself.

We note another recently-published book, by Jonathan Friedlaender (PhD 1969), entitled From Anthropometry to Genomics: Reflections of a Pacific Researcher.  In a brief review in the May, 2010, issue of Anthropology News, Virginia Vitzthum writes, “It’s both a fascinating account of the rapid transformation of anthropological genetics during the final decades of the twentieth century and a charming personal history by one of the field’s leading contributors.”  See for more information and a slide-show.

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