Truthicon in the Media

Here are some articles and other materials that came out of the “Truthiness in Digital Media’ symposium:

“Sorting Reality from ‘Truthiness'” by Stephanie Schorow, Harvard Gazette, March 8, 2012

Harvard Gazette correspondent Stephanie Schorow reports on the event.

“Truthiness in Digital Media” by Peter Himler, March 7, 2012

Peter Himler, founding principal at the Flatiron Communications LLC, discusses the symposium from his unique global PR perspective.

Truthicon NodeXL SNA Visualization

An interesting graphic visualization on Truthicon.

“Truthiness” at Harvard’s Berkman Center by Walt Frick, March 6, 2012

Walt Frick, a technology staff writer at BostInnovation, has created a Storify story on the event.



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