Live from Global Flow of Information Conference


James Grimmelmann and others are blogging live from ISP’s terrific “The Global Flow of Information” conference at Yale Law School. Earlier today, Berkman’s executive director John Palfrey delivered a talk about Information Governance in general and Internet governance in particular. John pointet out, among other things, that the Internet governance discussion is incredibly amorphous. After outlining the current state and scope of the governance discussion, John made the argument that it might be helpful to identify — and foucs on — specific governance problems and/or issues such as filtering rather than to think and talk that much about “omnibus regulation” as we call it in Europe. Such a problem-oriented approach will prompt a discussion of what we really value about the Internet and what the guiding principles for Internet regulation should be.
Congratulations and thanks to our friends at the ISP for putting together such a great conference program with a truly impressive line-up of speakers.

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