iTunes Switzerland launched


Swiss music fans can now also download music from Apple’s iTunes Music Store. Earlier today, I was interviewed (in German) by the Swiss national radio network. Journalist Rainer Borer asked a serie of excellent questions and, among other things, wanted to know whether online music stores are the silver-bullet-solution to the digital media crisis. Given our research here at the Berkman Center (see, e.g., this report), it might not come as a surprise to you that I expressed doubts that business models such as iTMS are the final answer to the much broader phenomenon of fundamental shifts in the way we create, distribute, access and use music in particular and entertainment in general. As always, there would be much more to say… I haven’t had the chance, for instance, to mention the question of iTMS biz model’s sustainability, or to explore important interoperability issues. Interested listeners may get more information from our 2004 case study.

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