36000 feet


How cool is that: Lufthansa provides on its long-haul flights WiFi access. My friends told me about it, but today – heading back from Reno via Frisco and Munich to Zurich – it’s the first time that I experience it. It’s not cheap, but also not terribly expensive. I pay a USD 26.95 flat fee for the entire 11+ hours flight. Right now, we’re overflying Anaconda (USA), altitude 36000 feet. So, we’re getting yet another step closer to “always online”… (and Skype, too, works up here! I’m loving it.)

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  1. alexander schmid

    May 27, 2006 @ 4:34 am


    Now all we need are laptop batteries that actually last 11+ hours. Or maybe less power-consuming CPUs/HDs/displays etc…
    Does Skype work as a VOIP solution or only as an instant messenger?

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