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CC Slovenia meets Lessig, Nesson & Co.


In the past few weeks, I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in a series of exceptional workshops, panels and seminars. Today, I had the pleasure to contribute to an international legal seminar here in Ljubljana–one among other events to celebrate the launch of CC Slovenia. I had the honor to lecture on participatory culture and the future of information law and the pleasure to interact with Larry Lessig, Charles Nesson, Bernt Hugenholtz as well as Sacha Wunsch-Vincent and Ronaldo Lemos. It’s been an interesting conversation–I’m still thinking–about the empowerment of the individual, digital creativity, the future of copyright and, ultimately, governance of the Net. Charlie fascinated the audience with a videoconference from Poland and a wonderful contribution summarized here. Thanks, Charlie! Thanks esp. to Maja Bogataj and her team for making all this possible!

Creative Archive License


The Creative Archive License has been launched. Press release here, and a backgrounder on BBC’s public domain archive project here.

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