PIT Article about Arm Sleeves


Came across a great blog post on arm sleeves from our friends at PIT. It turns out that there are many benefits to arms sleeves. Some of those benefits are psychological and some are not. Alot of our Uparel Custom Arm Sleeves are mainly for show but it is interesting to see how there is scientific research being done on them. To read more got to Do Shooting Sleeves Actually Help?

Some Important things to know about arm sleeves:

  • AATCC UPF 50+ sun protection is a must
  • Polyester/Spandex provides adequate wicking while.
  • Nylon actually draws water to the skin and is not recommended for arm sleeve use
  • Make sure that there are appropriate sizes to firmly support the arm but not over constrict
  • Bands/Rubber rings around the top of the sleeve do more harm then good.
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