Opinion — STANDING — Bingham v. Massachusetts (1st Cir.)


Plaintiffs, the alleged decedents of members of a 17th-century Native American tribe which was deeded property in 1665 and 1667, lack standing to enforce the deeds because they have not alleged facts showing that have an individual interest in the property rights granted in the deeds.

Bingham v. Massachusetts (7/30/2010):  Findlaw, PDF.

Opinion by Chief Judge Sandra L. Lynch.

Commentary:  Brian Kehrl, Sally Jacobs, Peter Kenney.

Opinion — DOUBLE JEOPARDY — U.S. v. Gerhard (1st Cir.)


Double-jeopardy argument of defendants who were convicted of providing material support to felons seeking to avoid capture, in violation of several federal statutes rejected:  counts are not multiplicitious.

U.S. v. Gerhard (7/30/2010):  FindlawPDF.

Opinion by Chief Judge Sandra L. Lynch.

Opinion — RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS — U.S. v. Marzzarella (3d Cir.)


Federal statute banning possession of handgun with serial number removed upheld against Second Amendment challenge.

U.S. v. Marzzarella (7/29/2010):  Findlaw, PDF.

Opinion by Chief Judge Anthony J. Scirica.

Commentary: Shannon P. Duffy, Prof. Douglas A. Berman, Prof. Orin Kerr, Keith Donoghue.

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