New convert
Friday November 21st 2008, 2:01 pm
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Hey there!

On Wednesday, November 19, I decided to become a vegetarian.  I wasn’t staring at a shiny red New England lobster at that moment or watching baby cows go through a meat grinder.  I wasn’t thinking about the content of hot dogs or that tofu tasted especially good (I’m not sure, at this point, that it does).  I was just sitting on the bus, starving after a class that went from 7-9 PM, wondering what I wanted to eat at that moment, and suddenly the thought of meat, of flesh, just did not sound that appealing.

Now, this is coming from someone who lists filet mignon as among her favorite foods.  I enjoy a greasy cheeseburger or chicken fingers, and you’ll never find me turning down a nice juicy Kosher hot dog.  But I’ve found myself eating less and less of the junk-food kind of meat, and cooking fewer stir fries and beef lasagnas and the like.  Meat has gotten more expensive, I haven’t really been into cooking much lately, and I’m surrounded by very environmentally-conscious people.  I’ve been phasing out meat gradually without really reailizing it.

Vegetarianism just seems like the humane thing to do.  I can survive without meat – and hopefully, I’ll broaden my gastronomic interests.

This blog is intended to serve as a resource for new vegetarians, from a non-expert who is learning the course herself.  Feel free to chime in with recipes, tips, and anything you’ve come across that you’d like to share, and enjoy!