Coming out (of the root cellar)
Sunday November 23rd 2008, 3:59 pm
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So I dropped the news to the parents this morning.  I thought it might be better to tell them before I visit for Thanksgiving – although it would certainly have been entertaining to spring it on them as my mother was carving the turkey.

At first, they suggested that perhaps I just cut down on my meat intake.  I could stop buying meat and cooking it at home, but continue to enjoy a filet mignon or grilled salmon here and there when I go out.  I explained that this would sort of defeat the purpose.  They seemed skeptical about my ability to actually make it through a year as a vegetarian (they know how picky I can be), but ultimately were supportive.

They did ask one question, though, that will require a bit of research: how to make up for the B12, iron, and protein I will be losing?  I don’t want to just start self-proscribing supplements without looking into them further.  Any vegetarians want to weigh in on how they make up for lost nutrients?

And a side note: why is it that the New Yorker food issue comes out the week I decide to go vegetarian?  That is just mean, people.

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