An Existential First Post

A friend of mine suggested I start a blog, here, at Already, I’m thrust into existential angst: Does this blog site really exist I’m not asking if people read this. I’m literally asking, has this site been deprecated? Am I joining three years late?

I sent the email below to the mysterious people who run this site that may or may not exist:

Dear Team @ Weblogs at Harvard,

I am a rising senior at Harvard College. I just created a biog on this site and have a few questions:

1) Is this site still active? I read the “Important Announcement” from 2018…) but still see people posting on the blog and I was still able to create an account. Does this mean that the site will not end “in favor of a new platform managed by Harvard University’s Information Technology team”?

2) What happens to the blog when I graduate? I saw that blogs are archived if after some time bloggers have stopped blogging. Are the blogs just meant to live for a small snapshot of time? I can’t seem to find the archive of past inactivated blogs–does it exist?

Thank you!

Veronica Nutting

I’m graduating soon, very soon in blog time, so I’m also worried, given that I have one year left with a harvard email, about the pre-non-existence of my blog (assuming it pre-pre-exists.)

I imagine many others too have these questions. I imagine a lot of things. So when I hear back, I will post an abridged or an expanded version of their reply.

May the blog gods be with us.

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  1. Vasfi CELIK

    July 8, 2021 @ 9:15 pm


    Congratulations on your new blog.

  2. jack baley

    July 13, 2021 @ 3:16 pm


    thank you so much for this cool post.

  3. Pro Chainsaw

    July 13, 2021 @ 3:17 pm


    thank you so much.

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