Server based vs client based aggregation:

JD points to Russel’s post on cell phones need to save bandwidth while using aggregators.
JD says server based aggregation is the way to go as it saves bandwidth on the server and the client side. But client side aggregation also has its advantages.
One advantage is that, users don’t have to wait while loading the data as it is already on the client. The wait time may not matter for text downloads, but is of significance for heavier downloads like videos. One solution to the bandwidth problem is having the updated sites ping a site like and serving the recently updated list throught a service like or blogrolling to the client. The client has to visit only the updated sites and download the data before the user requests it. This solution may not work when the client is charged per downloaded data and server based aggregation may be better in that case.

Skype, P2P telephony:

A new P2P telephony software, Skype, is offered by the company that brought you Kazaa. One disadvantage is that, no one knows what spyware will come with this installation. But the advantage of p2p telephony offered by skype is, clients that are NATed or are behind firewlls can initiate the calls. Clients on publicly routable IP addresses will be able to proxy to NAT’ed nodes and route calls. Also, call quality is increased by keeping multiple connection paths open and dynamically choosing the one that is best suited at the time. Update: The best thing about skype is the voice quality. Lot better than Y! or MSN. Call me by clicking here.