About Vishi Gondi

Email: vgondi AT post.harvard.edu

Viswanath (Vishi) Gondi is currently the CTO at Digital Scientists, Atlanta, GA. His development experience includes the Ionic Framework, nodeJS and various other application platforms. With a background in usability, Vishi’s focus has been around collecting quality analytics data to support design hypothesis and create actionable insights. Vishi also graduated with honors from Harvard University and the Indian Institute of Technology, Kgp.

Start a StartUp
Experience in working with many bootstrapped companies using the latest and greatest people, tools and processes.

Old Folio
Web application development, Analytics, Usability, Large dataset analysis.

Old Blog
User Interfaces & Information Architecture with Rich Internet Application garnishing.

— Software Development — Business — Design — Marketing —

Have a question? Comment, thought, idea? Email: vgondi AT post.harvard.edu


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