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Back to school

Going back to school


My name is not Google and I don’t know it all. This thought was enough to start my quest for learning. Well, I haven’t gone to school in 13 years and I complete my 25th work anniversary this year. Nothing beats Harvard summer school. The reasons kept adding for going back to school. Hence, this summer…. Harvard.

One day to go! I have not stepped into the school yet. Yet, the pre-schooling started almost four months back with the registration – choosing the right course, In a class which took only 35 students, getting wait listed was not an option for me. I had to show the required agility and pro activeness in locking it. This was followed by eligibility tests – both for English and Health. Phew! I never thought an English test would scare me. And, I can almost write a thesis on immunization- explaining to my doctor what I needed for Harvard.

When the visa queue is full of students half your age, you get lonely and scared. And, then I told myself – “what an opportunity to study with Millennials in the same school and class?” The visa officer was amicable and asked me “How would this course help you in your job?” Well, I never answered this question explicitly to myself. I consolidated my thoughts and explained her that it would expand my knowledge base – I am going to undertake this to quench my thirst for learning and hopefully, the learning will not go waste. And then she asked “Why Harvard?” And, I replied, “I did not want to choose second best option”.

The constant updates and emails from Harvard!s DCE have kept me engaged for the last three months. My learning has already started. I am a HR leader and truly appreciate the importance of pre-joining engagement. Getting 2 or 3 communication emails made sure the school wanted me as much as I wanted it. I have a complete view of my housing, classroom, university, guide-book, libraries, course schedule, assignments, dining halls and places to visit in Boston. We have also been introduced to our class-mates.

The phase of excitement is over! At this time, the road ahead seems lonesome – to leave my home, office and country (albeit short period)! Yet, there is hope and curiosity on what lies ahead.

I don’t know it all… – Have you been able to say this? If not, then think. The statement is powerful and will lead you to a discovery of self!

More in my next blog… I am rushing to complete my assignment due on second day of start.

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