I just learned about VODO.net. Here’s the short version, and here’s the long version of what VODO is about.

The very short version: “VODO’s aim is to provide a revenue stream for creators of media content”.

The strategy section of the long version says this:

VODO connects would-be donors to creators in order that they can make donations through existing payment mechanisms. In the current environment it is often hard for consumers to make this connection for themselves. While some producers do request and offer infrastructure for voluntary payments, these almost always have to be made at a specific website, in a manner that may be inconvenient for the consumer. VODO’s benefits lie in distributing payments out to players and downloading software, making it as trivial as possible for donors to initiate voluntary donations when they feel most ‘connected’ to the artist: at the point of enjoyment of the media.

Seems to me that VRM is a superset of this. But I’m brand new to VODO. Anybody else have some thoughts about it?