ProjectVRM began (in September 2006) as a development project, in which most of the development was carried out by individuals, companies and organizations outside the Berkman Center itself. In 2009 ProjectVRM began doing its own VRM development, under a grant from the Surdna Foundation, and also began research work, with the intention of testing VRM theories and learning from VRM deployments in the marketplace.

ProjectVRM’s primary research work should be toward challenging VRM principles (e.g. benefits of vendor openness, and willingness of users to pay for perceived value in the absence of existing payment mechanisms provided by the seller). Results of research efforts will guide the expression of VRM principles, inform development processes and, presumably, assist their adoption.

Additional benefits should include bringing together passionate participants around research work, demonstrating and furthering Berkman research methodologies and software — and forcing clarity and learning around testable characteristics of VRM.

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  1. Hi

    We are about to launch a social network in which we seek to empower users in the engagement and ultimately seek their trust in our services (although in reality trust should never be fully imparted). We believe we are private by design and we are seeking independent certification of this.

    I would be interested in your opinions on our principles of operation before we launch The Krowd, it defines how we approach user empowerment.

    Would you be willing to review it? Its just 2 pages long.



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