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Good Grief!

The man's got a gun!

We had our first potential conflict I know of in State of Play Academy last night. A bunch of kids (I’m guessing young teenagers or tweeners) showed up towards the end of class and started milling around, doing their There thing. For the most part they were respectful, though somewhat intrusive. Luckily most did not have or use voice chat or just standing around in our vicinity might have potentially overwhelmed the lecture. However, right at the end, one pulled out a paint gun and started pointing it at us, which prompted the dean of the University of There to issue a stern warning. Nothing really happened until the class ended, at which point the paintballs started flying.

I was amused to see Lauren thrown halfway across the field by the force of a point-blank paintgun, and I also admit to some pleasure in knocking some of the hooligans around using my hoverboard. Lauren was fairly good-humored about the incident (which, if nothing else, was a good learning experience). But for future reference, we might consider making the class an official event so we’d have the power to eject real griefers. (On Thursday in CyberOne, Rodica will be excluding all outsiders from Berkman Island not just to prevent griefing, but also to prevent lag.)

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