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LSI blog featured in the Wall Street Journal

They’re too modest over there to toot (or tout) their own horn, but the WSJ’s Blog Watch on November 27 listed Law School Innovation among the blogs to, er, watch:

This new blog, launched in late October, is the brainchild of Ohio State University law professor Douglas A. Berman and, as its name suggests, is devoted to the topic of law-school innovators. Among the topics discussed thus far: innovative course offerings at law schools, the changes made to Harvard’s first-year curriculum, and the relationship between law-school innovation and school rankings by U.S. News & World Report. This blog is still in its early days and has yet to form a devoted following, but given its author’s blogging credentials — he also writes the well-regarded Sentencing Law and Policy blog on capital sentencing — it can be expected to take off soon.

Link (requires subscription)

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