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Hub2 final details

This workshop demonstrates how communities can reimagine public and civic spaces using virtual environments and other new media. As a participant, you will research andvredesign your own local neighborhood within the virtualvenvironment of Second Life. In the process, you will develop your own understanding of how public spaces shape civic life and propose ways to enrich the spaces you inhabit in the city of Boston.

Course 1-page description (PDF)

Where does the class meet? Emerson College computer labs

On what days? Every Tuesday, starting September 18.

At what time? 6-9pm

How much does it cost? With assistance from the BRA, this class is now FREE for community residents.

How do I sign up? Submit this registration form with a 250 word (or less!) statement describing your goals in taking this class no later than September 7.

Whom do I contact with questions? Please email me!

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  1. Denver Mullican | September 7, 2007 at 3:01 pm | Permalink


    I wish we had something similar to your Hub2 workshop in New Orleans. Post-Katrina we have real need for a program like this one to involve the community.