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I’m presenting at International Conference on the Future of Legal Education

Matthew Bodie (St. Louis University School of Law), Christian Turner (University of Georgia School of Law) and I will be presenting at this year’s International Conference on the Future of Legal Education about the future of the casebook, including the eLangdell initiative now underway between CALI and the Berkman Center. The conference is taking place […]

worth reading: The Future of the Casebook

Prof. Matthew Bodie’s article, “The Future of the Casebook: An Argument for an Open-Source Approach” [SSRN], has finally been published in the Journal of Legal Studies. (The electronic version, of course, has been out for some time). The article outlines the case for not merely digital or networked casebooks, but open source (or at least […]

Seeking a research assistant for eLangdell

I’m seeking an RA or two for the spring on the eLangdell project. The project has taken on special urgency in light of the new attention being paid to law school reform spurred by the Carnegie report and last week’s AALS conference theme: Shape the future of textbooks in legal education with eLangdell. We’re looking […]

Remix textbooks by Pearson

The eLangdell initiative by CALI/Berkman seeks to enable law professors to create and remix educational materials into cost-effective coursepacks. Looks like Pearson is trying to launch the same idea in the college textbook market. The pilot seems to be running at Rio Salado, AZ: To Cut Textbook Costs, They’re Printing Their Own. Interestingly, the cost […]