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Test Drive 3: the circular firing squad

Today I was tasked with the third of our ongoing series of experimental classes. Ostensibly the topic was my 3L paper on asynchronous discussions in the law school classroom, but as the topic is both boring and stale, I decided to try using the time to experiment with testing tools educators often use in the […]

Test Drive 2 at the Academy: privacy and municipal ISPs

Lauren ran our second experimental class tonight in There, covering the topic of municipal WiFi and the fact that many cities are trading users’ (residents’) usage information in exchange for discounted or free ISP services. Lauren discussed privacy concerns and why we should care about them. A few things I noticed about the class this […]

First class convenes in the State of Play Academy

David (Big Ups!) leads a class attended by (l to r) Lauren, Kaylea, 1BlackBelt, myself, and TehMike This evening (9pm EST / 5pm PST) David Johnson taught a class on Castronova’s Synthetic Worlds and its implications for virtual-world education. I’ll leave the official writeup to the official SoPA blog, but from a participant’s and instructional […]

Precedents for MUVE education

In discussing with Lauren and myself the possibility of his teaching a class this afternoon, Prof. Andrew Berman of NYLS asked for examples of other educational efforts that have made use of virtual spaces. Using, I have been gathering links to sites describing such efforts here. Actually, Prof. Berman asked whether virtual law teaching […]

State of Play Academy

The State of Play Academy is an exciting new initiative spinning out of the State of Play conference series. Sponsored and hosted by, the Academy will be exploring ways to teach law within a MUVE as well as study legally-related issues as they arise within MUVEs. See the official site for more information. Lauren […]