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Now at the Berkman Center

[This is a backdated post actually made on 10/17/2006] I’m starting as a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society this month, studying legal education / training and how technology may be fundamentally changing both the practice for which we are training attorneys as well as the methods we use to teach. The […]

Legal MUVEs picked up in’s Legal Watch blog

SOPA and CyberOne both garnered some attention today from‘s Legal Blog Watch. Hopefully with more people paying attention to the phenomena, MUVEs will gain some level of acceptance and become both potential media and subjects for legal study/teaching.

Realspace teaching

CyberOne started yesterday at HLS, and today I had the opportunity to attend the second lecture. (The Extension School / Second Life class has no formal kickoff, though the courseware, wiki, and other websites went live this weekend). I haven’t been in a law school class since 2002, so sitting in the classroom again was […]