Yahoo’s new site driven by desire to sell more targeted ads


I just saw this in the NYT and thought it was pretty timely. It suggests that Yahoo’s creation of this new site aimed at women was motivated by advertisers wanting to reach this demographic. It’s unclear whether the new site itself is the main form of “targeting” here — in the traditional sense, where ads are sent out based on the general audience of of the site/ TV show/ newspaper — or whether there will also be more specific targeting going on based on the web activity of the users of the new site. (I’m guessing the latter.)

I guess I see this as underscoring the importance of targeting to advertisers, and the importance of advertising to the business plans of big Web companies like Yahoo. Which makes the whole debate all the more salient! Companies really want to find better ways to reach consumers on the Web, and I think we need to come up with some reasonable means of making sure people’s privacy concerns aren’t stampeded in the process.

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    October 30, 2009 @ 11:17 pm


    Almost all search vendor is trying to cash in on geo-targeting advertisements. In the past, advertisements were aimed endlessly by displaying them due to searched keywords. In today’s world, net surfers are smarter, they can tell the difference of web content and advertisement content. The falling revenue has forced the switching of advertisement focus to very specific, targeted visitors.

    But how do they get the data in the first place to target? Social networks of course… i.e. when u sign up free stuff like gmail, you are giving away your privacy details, your preferences, your hobbies etc.