Yahoo’s New Ad Initiative


This morning Yahoo released some additional details on their new ad program, AMP!, formerly known as Project Apex. The specs are still a bit fuzzy, but the basic idea is that Yahoo has recruited a network of approximately 600 websites, mostly news media sites, and plans to offer the ability to purchase targeted ads from any of them through a single interface. It’s supposed to make it easier for ad sellers and ad purchasers to determine availability and target advertisements. Yahoo reports that the system, which is already in testing form, will be launched this summer. Yahoo has posted a video preview of the service, which you can watch here. Obviously, it’s not a coincidence that Yahoo made this announcement just days after Microsoft threatened a proxy fight in the ongoing struggle for control of the company.

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  1. cbaird

    April 8, 2008 @ 7:53 am


    Many citizen journalism sites are excited about offerings such as this. I recently spoke with Gordon Joseloff of and he indicated that the ability to sell targeted ads to national retailers may be one of the single best innovations for the citizen media industry.