Spoofs and Citizen Journalism


This story raises one interesting concern about the media relying on citizen journalists to provide them with pictures and video of news events – the possibility of people sending intentional spoofs. This time, someone inserted the Grim Reaper into the background of a picture of a marathon and then sent it to Sky News. News organizations have rightly recognized that inviting the public in can be a valuable tool, but as more and more get on the citizen journalist bandwagon (CBS just launched their version) , they have to be aware that not everyone is trying to be helpful.

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  1. jpines

    April 15, 2008 @ 3:59 pm


    On a related note, I asked a friend of mine in Nepal about the video we saw pointing out that the soldiers in the Tibet videos stated to be Chinese soldiers were actually Nepalese. He told me that these soldiers are usually following orders of the Chinese government in these pictures, and so the video criticizing American news sources as being misleading may also be misleading. Regardless of the details on the ground in this particular case, it seems no one can be trusted. ☺