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Hi All,

I want to set up a blog to post my final paper (and perhaps to continue discussing Generation Y [or 9/11 Yuppie, depending on your political stripe/ageist tendencies] legal and cultural issues throughout the summer).  I haven’t done the whole blogging thing before, but I was wondering whether anybody had some basic advice for a blogging novice such as myself.

First, I want to know whether respectable blogs can use free web hosting?  The last time I did any web publishing, I used Frontpage and Angelfire.  Have norms about credibility and pay vs. free web hosting shifted in the last five years?

Second, should I use blog software?  Are there distinct advantages to doing so?

Any recommendations on those two issues, or any others, are very much welcome.

Hope you’re all enjoying the sun.



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  1. David Weinberger

    April 21, 2008 @ 12:21 pm


    FWIW, my reading of the norms says that you won’t lose credibility by using a hosted blogging service. If you do, they come with the tools you need to blog, so you won’t need any separate blogging software.

    Of course, the Cool Folks (and, yes, I am obviously qualified to rule on this) run their own installation of WordPress.