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NASA “gets it” when it comes to Social Media

I have thoroughly enjoyed following the Curiosity Rover. You get the latest pics and videos long before the news outlets push out the content and there’s no need to scavenge through NASA’s website thinking you might have missed something – it all hits the tweets.

I don’t know who specifically is tweeting (probably multiple people) but they are concise, witty, and hilarious. Here’s a few of my favorites from this month:

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The Real Reason FB Shares can’t find a Bottom

There is no institutional trust. FB is not the stock you will find in any company mutual funds, retirement funds, equity funds, etc. Retail investors were seduced into the stock and are now placing market sell orders in screaming fashion. Retail investors have shaky hands and as you know – selling begets more selling as the panic continues. Look at LinkedIn, which as 52% institutional ownership. Despite their earnings still being abysmal (they can’t get the P/E out of triple digits), the stock can hold its ground because most shareholders are in it for the long haul.

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