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Home Automation as a Security System?

For a few weeks I have been experimenting with a home automation project. I was inspired by a few youtubes I saw and the tools of tech companies like Savant. For those new to the concept, home automation is basically about giving you deeper levels of control of your home’s power consumption, temperature, appliances, etc. But this part is nothing new. What I am blueprinting is a reasonable way to use home automation as a security alarm for my home. I cringe every time I think about installing an old school style security system from companies like ADT or one of their many local affiliate security companies. Imagine that you are at work and your friends need to pick something up from your house. You pull out your iPad and see him at the door, unlock the door, and then lock it again when he leaves. I am not too far from this and will post some specs in the coming weeks. =)

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