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TSA – Coming to a neighborhood stop sign near you

Conspirators are having a good season. First the Snowden drama unfolded and continues to heap out material that validates many big brother conspiracy theories, then we had the declassification of Area 51, and now something else is getting them talking more about how ubiquitous TSA’s future reach will become. This week the NFL (which as a corporation has zero interest in anything outside of controlling sports content) announced new stadium restrictions for women’s handbags and purses. Going after a women’s private bag seems like an extreme place to begin enhancing your security. Was this an autonomous decision by the NFL or have they been coached or coerced towards this policy? Cue conspiracy theory: The TSA knows in order to continue expanding their invasive policies to other transportation mediums it needs other private organizations to start taking some heat for similar measures. Naturally beloved NFL fans will come alongside the media with pacifying interpretations of the policies, and the TSA will be taking notes. On the brighter side, every new security measure comes with new product opportunities, such as “NFL approved” clear handbags and purses similar to what we saw happen with TSA approved laptop bags. I sure hope female football fans continue to put up whatever fight they can muster to retain more control of their private handbags. It would send a message to the TSA which obviously sees the America public as that little frog sitting in the pot of slowly heating water.

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