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First Winter as a Pool Owner

This is my first year as a pool owner and my DIY spirit has been alive and well reading how to maintain a swimming pool’s health, both structurally and equipment-wise during a rough winter.

There’s actually quite a bit of chemistry and a dab of physics to learn, which have always been my favorite disciplines.

A few of the online resources I want to thank: The Pool Center’s blog has really helped me catch up to speed on all things maintenance related, and in an enjoyable, entertaining format. I also have frequently referred back to the company that guided me through my pool’s construction for more information on the materials used in the build. And finally Fire Your Pool Guy (love that name) helped me with understanding some of the technical aspects of water health, algae prevention, and to develop weekly cleaning checklists.

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America is having a Howard Beale moment

If despite the endless daily onslaught of dismal economic news (record high student loan debt, record high Americans on food stamps, record high federal debt, record high health insurance costs, 30 year low labor force participation, 20 year low home ownership rate, declining low median family income) you are still confused by the rise of Trump, then you need to understand that America is finally having a Howard Beale moment:

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