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  Doi Toshitsura, a daimyo of Tokugawa Japan, published his observations on snow crystals (雪華図説) in 1832. The National Diet Library in Japan has a digital version of this book:

The Harvard-Yenching Library will be closed for the holidays from tomorrow to January 1st. We wish you a merry Christmas!

Bibliographic Orientation Schedule, Spring 2013

Harvard-Yenching Bibliographic Orientation Schedule for Spring Term is coming! We are offering bibliographic orientation sessions to introduce you to the most important resources in Chinese language, Japanese language and Korean language respectively. These orientation sessions last about one hour. We look forward to seeing you there, and feel free to forward these messages to your […]

Database of images of Strange Phenomena and Yokai

Let’s dance with crabs, carrots, etc… from Database of images of Strange Phenomena and Yokai (Monstrous Beings) 怪異・妖怪画像データベース of the Nichibunken Library.…

Diplomatic treaties and agreements of the late Qing

174 diplomatic treaties and agreements of the late Qing including Treaty of Nanking, Treaty of Shimonoseki, and Boxer Protocol, preserved in the Ministry of Forign Affairs of Taiwan, can now be viewed online.… A page from Treaty of Nanking in 1842

Ida Pruitt

Today is the birthday of Ida Pruitt, an American writer, educator, and social worker born in China in 1888. Ida Pruitt lived in Hwanghsien, a village in Shantung Province, until she was twelve and then went on to be educated in the United States. She attended Cox College in College Park, Georgia (1906-1909); received a […]

Fukuzawa Yukichi at Keio University

Fukuzawa Yukichi was one of the most important intellectuals in the modern history. Born in 1835, he played an critical role in introducing Western learning to Japan. Now you can read his works in this digital library of Keio University:…

The map of Eighteenth-century Beijing

Explore eighteenth-century Beijing — the Forbidden City, temples, and hutongs — on 乾隆京城全図 brought to the digital world by Toyo Bunko. Click thumbnails on the overview map to access high-resolution images. The map can also be viewed on Google Earth

朝鮮繪葉書 (Chōsen ehagaki)

Some postcards of colonial Korea in the 1930s. The information of the book on Hollis:… More postcards of early twentieth-century East Asia can be found at The East Asia Image Collection of Lafayette Libraries :…  

選舉文件 Electoral Documents

A book for Election Day: 陝甘寧邊區選舉委員會編,Xuan ju wen jian選舉文件 (Electoral Documents), 1945. This is from the book: 「自由選舉、選舉好人」,就是要廣大人民自動和自覺地選舉能為自己服務的代表,替自己做事,這是貫徹選舉方針的具體表現。 (“Free election, choose a good person” means to ask the masses to elect, spontaneously and consciously, the representatives who can serve for them, and do things for them. This is the embodiment of attaining the electoral policy.) […]