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Manchu Rare Books Digitization Project

The Harvard-Yenching Library Manchu rare books digitization project has been completed. Some titles have already been uploaded to the Hollis. More items are on the way. Stay tuned!

Digitization projects of Manchu and Mongolian books

  In case that you missed this extremely exciting message, Harvard-Yenching Library will start the digitization project for its collection of the Mongolian books next month. You can expect to see most of the Mongolian books online in Hollis no later than June 2013. After the Mongolian project, we will continue digitizing the Manchu collection, […]

Manchu and Mongolian books in Yenching Library

“The collection of Manchu and Mongolian books that occupies a quiet corner of the Rare Book Room is perhaps one of the Harvard-Yenching Library’s best-kept secrets. There is no published catalogues of the collection, non of its titles is accessible online, and potential users will not find any signs to guide them to its location. […]