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The first Chinese professor at Harvard

  When is the birthday of Confucius? In the 1952, a group of serious scholars determined that Confucius was born on September 28th. Since then, the day became known as Teachers’ Day in Taiwan, Hong Kong (before 1997), and other Chinese-speaking communities. Then how should we celebrate? No Grand Ceremony here. But maybe it’s a […]

Digitized Chinese rare books

If you have seen the digitized Korean collection, how can you miss our Chinese rare books! The cooperative project between Yenching Library and the National Library of China has brought more than 1,100 titles to the digital world, including all the classics and their exegeses, historical works, as well as the followings: Ding qie Ye […]

Digitization projects of Korean rare books

  As part of a cooperative project between Yenching Library and the National Library of Korea, 563 titles of rare books were digitized from 2007. Examples: Chosŏn pigyŏl chŏnjip (朝鮮秘訣全集); Koryŏ yasa (高麗野史); Ahŭi yoram (兒戲要覽); Yumong mansŏk (豔夢漫釋); Yongsŏ chŭnggwang chŏngtʻomun (龍舒增廣淨土文); Yijo sahwa chʻoryak (李朝士禍抄畧); Mau ŭibang (馬牛醫方); Tae-Hanʾguk tae-Chʻŏngguk tʻongsang choyak (大韓國大清國通商條約)… Rare […]

Database of Chinese Local Records 中國方志庫

  For those who study later imperial China, here’s the good news. Harvard-Yanching Library has subscribed a magnificent database, 中國方志庫 (Database of Chinese Local Records), which contains more than 10,000 local gazetteers from the Song to the Republican era, 10 million digitized images, and 2 billion words. Now log in with your HID and […]

The books of Tsurumi Shunsuke 鶴見俊輔

Do you know we have the collection of books once owned by Tsurumi Shunsuke 鶴見俊輔, a distinguished philosopher and former Harvard College student, in Harvard Yenching Library? Check out this video!       “Unpacking My Library”: Discovering Tsurumi Shunsuke’s Books from WCFIA on Vimeo.