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韓国濟州島旅行日誌 Journey to the Jejo Island

제주도, an island off the southern coast of South Korea, has been one of the most popular tourist destinations for Koreans and people from East Asia. This book, Han’guk Cheju-do yŏhaeng ilchi (Kankoku Saishūtō ryokō nisshi 韓国濟州島旅行日誌), records a four-month journey from Japan, via Busan, to this beautiful island in the early 20th century, with […]

みちのく震録伝 Michinoku Shinroku-den

Michinoku Shinroku-den みちのく震録伝, a digital archive for the 311 earthquake created by Tohoku Univeristy 東北大学, has released more than 10,000 photos taken after the earthquake, in addition to several digital projects. For photos, click the link below and choose each of the areas to see. For projects:

Manchu and Mongolian books in Yenching Library

“The collection of Manchu and Mongolian books that occupies a quiet corner of the Rare Book Room is perhaps one of the Harvard-Yenching Library’s best-kept secrets. There is no published catalogues of the collection, non of its titles is accessible online, and potential users will not find any signs to guide them to its location. […]

Ling long women’s magazine 玲瓏雜誌

“Ling long women’s magazine 玲瓏雜誌, published in Shanghai from 1931 to 1937, was popular during a time of dramatic material, social, and political change in China. Today, the magazine offers researchers a unique glimpse into women’s lives in Republican-era (1911-49) Shanghai.” The magazine is now digitized by C.V. Starr East Asian Library at Columbia University […]


The extravagant fantasies of sex in Edo Japan have long been known as one of the most surprising characteristics of the era and keep amazing modern readers. You can now browse these impressive pictures online in 近世艶本総合データベース by Ritsumeikan University: The database collects 2,995 titles of Enhon, or erotic texts, from Ritsumeikan University, Nichibunken […]

Early Photography of Japan

More than 2,000 images of Meiji Japan now available at Early Photography of Japan is a virtual collection of more than 40 souvenir photograph albums and illustrated publications with over 2,000 images from Widener Library, the Fine Arts Library, and Harvard-Yenching Library. These images primarily document the early history of commercial photography in Japan […]

Shen Bao (申報)

A new database on trial:Shen Bao (申報). One of the most important newspaper in modern China, Shen Bao has been a major source for many historians of the period. The database covers the content from 1872 to 1949, including editions from Shanghai, Hankow, and Hongkong, and provides full-text search and original images. Follow the link […]

Petzold Collection of Japanese scrolls

  In 1910, a German teacher named Bruno Petzold arrived in Japan where he spent the rest of his life until he passed away in 1949. During these days, Petzold became a minister of Tendai Shu 天台宗 and eagerly collected all kinds of books concerning Buddhism. More than 6,000 Japanese books from his collection have […]