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世界萬国日本ヨリ海上里數王城人物圖 (Sekai bankoku nihon yori kaijo risu ojo jinbutsu zu)

世界萬国日本ヨリ海上里數王城人物圖 More Japanese Maps of the Tokugawa Era can be viewed in this UBC digital library. “Unlike most of the collections outside Japan, this collection does not contain many government or administrative maps. Its focus is on privately published and travel related maps and guides published in Japan during the Tokugawa or Edo […]

Research Guide at Yenching

Dear Patrons, The library is now reconstructing the Research Guide for East Asian Studies. Instead of relying on our speculations and conventional wisdom, we decided to take a different approach this time — a kind of crowd-sourcing. We hope you can tell us what you think would make it most useful for you and your […]

宿踐諸衙圖 Sukchʻŏn chea to

Sukchʻŏn chea to is a visual resume of a Choson Korean official, Han Pʻil-gyo, who recorded the places he had worked for through illustrations. For full digital version: For more information about the illustrations, see Kim, Sun Joo. 2012. 숙천제아도 Illustration of My Places of Work (Sukch’ŏn chea to 宿踐諸衙圖): A Visual Journey of […]

Botanical and Cultural Images of Eastern Asia, 1907-1927

Botanical and Cultural Images of Eastern Asia, or, the Story of Plant Hunters in the Early 20th Century. More than 4,500 botanical and cultural images of Eastern Asia by John George Jack (1861–1949), Ernest Henry Wilson (1876–1930), Frank Nicholas Meyer (1875-1918), William Purdom (1880–1921), Joseph Hers (1884–1965) and Joseph Charles Francis Rock (1884–1962) from the […]

Patrick Hanan Collection

Patrick Hanan, Victor S. Thomas Professor of Chinese Literature emeritus at Harvard University, has donated his special collection in Chinese literature to the Harvard-Yenching Library. The books are now stored in the rare book room. A digitization project will be launched next year by the library for this collection. Catalogue of Hanan Collection: From […]

The Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has one of the largest collections of Japanese artistic works outside Japan. Some 11,000 Japanese postcards in the early 20th century, covering a variety of topics, are now viewable on its website. Many of them were used in the the Russo-Japanese War as propaganda, but there are other […]

Diplomatic treaties and agreements of the late Qing

174 diplomatic treaties and agreements of the late Qing including Treaty of Nanking, Treaty of Shimonoseki, and Boxer Protocol, preserved in the Ministry of Forign Affairs of Taiwan, can now be viewed online.… A page from Treaty of Nanking in 1842

Ida Pruitt

Today is the birthday of Ida Pruitt, an American writer, educator, and social worker born in China in 1888. Ida Pruitt lived in Hwanghsien, a village in Shantung Province, until she was twelve and then went on to be educated in the United States. She attended Cox College in College Park, Georgia (1906-1909); received a […]

Fukuzawa Yukichi at Keio University

Fukuzawa Yukichi was one of the most important intellectuals in the modern history. Born in 1835, he played an critical role in introducing Western learning to Japan. Now you can read his works in this digital library of Keio University:…