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Bibliographic Orientation Schedule, Spring 2013

Harvard-Yenching Bibliographic Orientation Schedule for Spring Term is coming! We are offering bibliographic orientation sessions to introduce you to the most important resources in Chinese language, Japanese language and Korean language respectively. These orientation sessions last about one hour. We look forward to seeing you there, and feel free to forward these messages to your […]

Augustine Heard & Co.

Harvard Business School’s Baker Library is now having a exhibition on Augustine Heard & Co., one of the most respected and powerful U.S. trading houses in China in the mid-19th century. Here’s the accompanying website for those of you who cannot come to the exhibition in person. The library also holds extensive records of […]

Sight-seeing programme in Mukden

Ever consider visiting Shenyang, or Mukden, the largest city in Northeast China, and one of the former capitals of the Qing dynasty? We highly recommend that you bring this mid-twentieth century Lonely Planet with you to add some historical flavor to your trip. 瀋陽遊覽指南 = sight-seeing programme in Mukden

Database of images of Strange Phenomena and Yokai

Let’s dance with crabs, carrots, etc… from Database of images of Strange Phenomena and Yokai (Monstrous Beings) 怪異・妖怪画像データベース of the Nichibunken Library.…

Portraits of women doctors working in China

The Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library of the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard is a research library devoted to the history of women. Although the main body of the library’s collection focuses on women’s experience in the U.S., one can find plentiful materials reflecting the long history of interactions between American women and the world. Here […]

A Japanese traveler in China and Russia

A nineteenth-century Japanese traveler in Heilongjiang (China) and Sakhalin (Russia). From 間宮林蔵口述, 東韃地方紀行(Tōdatsu chihō kikō), 1810.

One Million Copies of Three Principles of the People

徵印三民主義一百萬册運動報告書, 三民主義青年團中央幹事會文化建設運動委員會, 1946. 三民主義 經天緯地 家喻戶曉 振聾發聵 願書萬本頌萬遍 打破洛陽紙貴

屁合戦絵巻 hegassen emaki

Waseda University in Tokyo is digitizing its rare book collection. We sincerely hope the work will be finished soon so that we can see more fascinating stuff like this one: 屁合戦絵巻 hegassen emaki, which depicts people fighting with each other by… 早稲田大学図書館 古典籍総合データベースグッズ “総数は約30万冊、国宝2件、重要文化財5件を含むあらゆる分野の資料を、具体的詳細な書誌情報と、鮮明なカラー画像でご覧いただけます。”

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Harvard-Yenching Library will be reopened on Jan. 2. We wish you all have a wonderful and productive 2013 and look forward to seeing you at the library. Photo: Yoshinobu Ikeda, The First Letter of the Year