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The second round of blibiographic orientations

Please mark your calendar. The second round of blibiographic orientations at Harvard-Yenching Library is coming next week. March 4(Mon) 3:00pm Chinese language resources, with Xiao-he Ma, Sharon Yang (Common room) March 5(Tue) 3:00pm Japanese language resources, with Kuniko McVey (Common room) March 7(Thu) 10:30am Korean language resources, with Mikyung Kang (Common room) We are offering […]

Sankō Gotei emaki 三皇五帝絵卷

A part of the Sankō Gotei emaki 三皇五帝絵卷, acquired by Harvard Yenching Library from Arnulf Petzold (Bruno’s son) in 1951. For the full image: The image is also included in Petzold collection of Japanese scrolls digitization project. For the full list of items in the project, please see

華岡青洲 Hanaoka Seishu’s Surgical Casebook

華岡青洲 Hanaoka Seishu’s Surgical Casebook, digitized by National Library of Medicine. You can now read the book online by using their “turn the page” system. Here’s the introduction to this amazing book from NLM website “A Surgical Casebook” is a manuscript of hand-painted pictures commissioned by Hanaoka Seishu, a pioneering Japanese surgeon who was […]

Yokohama matsudai banashi 横濱末代咄

Birth of a mixed-blood child of the foreigner kinmei urai and the daughter of sakubei, from 横濱末代咄 Yokohama matsudai banashi

Bao Juan Collection

繪圖十美圖寶卷, 上海 : 惜陰書局… from Harvard-Yenching Library Bao Juan 寶卷 Collection…

Jiu li guo nian feng su zhuan hao(舊曆過年風俗專號)

Now you have had a wonderful lunar new year with your family or friends, maybe it’s a good time to find out how people in early-twentieth century China celebrated theirs. Beijing Jing xi nong min she(北京京西農民社). Jiu li guo nian feng su zhuan hao(舊曆過年風俗專號), 北京 : 京西農民社, 1927 Full digital version:

Happy new year of the snake

Today is the first day of the lunar year! Harvard-yenching Library wish you all have a wonderful, productive new year of the snake! Find Images of the snake at

winter storm

Dear all, as a potentially historic winter storm is approaching, Harvard University will curtail operations at midday today. For those of you in New England, we hope you all stay safe! Photo from…

Pierece the Paper Tiger

From Digital Collections at The Center for Research Libraries Chinese pamphlets: Political communication and mass education in the early period of the People’s Republic of China Chinese pamphlets, picture books and other propaganda issued during the early years of the People’s Republic of China between 1947 and 1954. Unlike the high-end, made-for-export propaganda held […]