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Digitisation of Yi archives in south dialect in Yunnan

The British Library just added a new collection, Digitisation of Yi archives in south dialect in Yunnan, to its Endangered Archives Programme. “This project will digitise endangered archival material written in the south dialect of the indigenous Yi language in Yunnan, China. All the materials covered by this project have survived various destructions in the […]

  Wherever You Are, Happy Mid-Autumn/Chuseok/Zhongqiu!

See how New York in 1937 looked like in the Japanese eyes. 島森進,紐育案內,紐育: 日米時論社, 1937.紐育案內&adjacent=1

朝鮮變報 (Chōsen henpō) by 渡辺文京 (Watanabe Bunkyō), published in 1882.朝鮮變報&adjacent=1

Mapping Imperial China: A Cultural Exchange May 23 – September 30, 2013 Map Gallery Hall, Pusey Library Conventional narratives of East-West interaction in the cartographic sphere tend to portray the cultural exchange as a lopsided, tutelary relationship in which the more “primitive” society inevitably pays fealty to more scientifically sophisticated and objective standards of […]

New databases for the Harvard community:Collapse Chinese Cultural Revolution Database Chinese Anti-Rightist Campaign Database, 1957- Collapse Chinese Great Leap Forward and Great Famine Database, 1958-1962 Please check the following research guide for the link as it is “detected to be unsafe” by the Facebook system: