Research Guide at Yenching

Dear Patrons,

The library is now reconstructing the Research Guide for East Asian Studies. Instead of relying on our speculations and conventional wisdom, we decided to take a different approach this time — a kind of crowd-sourcing. We hope you can tell us what you think would make it most useful for you and your students, in terms of the structure and the content.

According to the current scheme, the guide will focus on resources in western languages, with a selection of some most important ones in East Asian languages, and will be arranged by both genre (books, journals, images, etc.) and discipline (literature, philosophy, history, etc.), but these are all subject to change. Any suggestions will be very appreciated!

The library now has three research guide(see below), and we anticipate a preliminary version of this fourth one will be online by the spring term.

Research Guide for Chinese Studies

Research Guide for Japanese Studies

Research Guide for Korean Studies

The previous version of the Research Guide for East Asian Studies

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