Manchu and Mongolian books in Yenching Library

“The collection of Manchu and Mongolian books that occupies a quiet corner of the Rare Book Room is perhaps one of the Harvard-Yenching Library’s best-kept secrets. There is no published catalogues of the collection, non of its titles is accessible online, and potential users will not find any signs to guide them to its location. But this very modest public profile is misleading, for the Harvard-Y

enching possesses one of the most important collections of Mongolian and especially Manchu materials in the world.” — Mark C. Elliott and James Bosson

Update: The catalogues of Manchu and Mongolian books are now accessible online!

For Mongolian:

For Manchu:

Photo: Tuktan tacire ursei temgetu jorin bithe/ Chuxue zhinan 初學指南, undated.

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