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Chinese Anti-Rightist Campaign Database, 1957-
Collapse Chinese Great Leap Forward and Great Famine Database, 1958-1962

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Around 1,000 photos shot by Dr. Joseph Needham during his visit to China in the 1940s are now available on the website The Needham Research Institute. (

Want to know how Japanese learn to practice surgery in the eighteenth century? Visit this database of the medical library at the University of Tokyo, and you’ll find out:

For more digital collections at the University of Tokyo:

Manchu Rare Books Digitization Project

The Harvard-Yenching Library Manchu rare books digitization project has been completed. Some titles have already been uploaded to the Hollis. More items are on the way. Stay tuned!

Mongolian rare books digitization project

Items from Harvard-Yenching Library Mongolian rare books digitization project now can be found on the Hollis system. Check it out!

Naxi Manuscipts



Harvard-Yenching library holds a special collection of Naxi 纳西 manuscipts. The items are now accessible on the internet. You can explore the collection by following the link:

Da xue jiang yi 大學講義

A special collection of college textbooks from early twentieth-century China at Harvard-Yenching Library is now online. Check out the link:

最先留美同學錄 Zuixian liumei tongxuelu

The first generation of Chinese students studying abroud in the U.S., supported by the late Qing government. Do you find any familar names?

最先留美同學錄 Zuixian liumei tongxuelu

This book comes from Harvard Yenching Library Chinese Republican Period (1911-1949) digitization project. More titiles can be found at

精武实錄 Jingwu shilu

A book on Chinese martial arts in the early twentieth century, including the image of Huo Yuanjia, a celebrated martial artist.

香港精武体育会精武实錄 (Xianggang jing wu ti yu hui jing wu shi lu), 1920.

韓語教程 Hanŏ kyojŏng

Time to learn some Korean…

韓語教程 Hanŏ kyojŏng by 橋本彰美 Kyobon Chʻangmi, 1906.

This book is part of National Library of Korea – Harvard Yenching Library Korean rare book digitization project. For more titles, please see: