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Young people have rights, right? But who decides what rights they need? How do adult decision makers know what young people want? is part of a project called Children’s Rights in the Digital Age. We are a group of researchers at Western Sydney University and the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), working in partnership with Digitally Connected and UNICEF’s Voices of Youth, and other national and international organisations. We are inviting you – young people – to help us explore and define your rights. Wherever you are in the world, we want to hear what you think about digital technology and what you need in your online lives. And we want to make sure that adult decision makers are listening to your voices when they make decisions that will affect you.

How it works:

We will release a series of activities, or “Missions”, that will ask youth about THEIR experience of THEIR rights in a digital age. They can write, take photos, make videos or do drawings to complete these Missions. Youth earn a badge for each one they complete.

Missions are grouped into Operations which explore different themes relating to youth rights: for example should young people have a right to access the internet? Or the right to learn to code? The answers will help researchers understand how young people experience their rights in a digital age.

It is really important that young people’s insights are brought to the attention of adults and decision makers. We hope youth around the globe will tell us their ideas and thoughts. We will listen and find ways to get their voice heard.

  1. [Youth] Sign Up – Create a profile and join our international community of Agents.
  2. [Youth] Report for Duty – Head to the Operations Centre and accept your first Mission.

Information for parents and guardians can be found here.