Someone left the cake out in the rain

February 12, 2004 at 11:53 pm | In yulelogStories | 5 Comments

I went to a seminar at UVic’s recently established Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture (PACTAC) this afternoon to hear William Leiss speak on the Cultural Politics of Bio-Genetics. The afternoon before I had listened to an early-release report on NPR about the Korean scientists who had successfully cloned a human blastocyst, a news item Leiss also discussed at length as biogenetics provided the frame for his discussion. Leiss’s discussion took the long historical view: he began with Francis Bacon, in Leiss’s view the early 17th century initiator of the modernist project in science. The underlying gist of this project is Naturbeherrschung — Leiss used the English translation: “the domination of nature” — but as he advised at the outset of his talk, he is a Hegelian and familiar with Frankfurt School thinking, and Naturbeherrschung in any translation is a signature word from Adorno & Horkheimer’s Dialektik der Aufkl

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