This is depressing: a sad milestone for women in Canada — going backwards into the dark ages

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The Toronto Star reports that Marion Boyd, a former Ontario attorney general, concluded an official report endorsing a form of Sharia law in Ontario. See today’s TO Star article here. Boyd is being criticised by a number of progressive Muslims, who accuse her of “naivete” and of caving in to pressure from right-wing Muslim groups. Boyd does a lot of talking around Sharia, saying that the Ontario recommendation is not exactly Sharia law, but simply a recognition of “Muslim religious principles within Canadian law.” I can’t see this as anything but a defeat for women and for progressive men, however. As Tarek Fatah of the Muslim Canadian Congress puts it in the TOStar article:

“What exactly are these Muslim principles?” asked Tarek Fatah of the Muslim Canadian Congress.

“For her (Boyd) to come here and lecture Muslims as to what Muslim family law is, and Sharia is, is despicable and racist.”

Fatah said most Muslims in Ontario want to be treated as equal citizens. Proponents of Sharia in Canada are not concerned about settling family law disputes, he added.

“They are concerned at bringing justification for introducing Sharia, and legitimizing it in Pakistan, in Iran (and) in Saudi Arabia,” he said.

“She has been listening . . .to the Muslim fundamentalists . . .that this was not about Sharia.” [More…]

The report supposedly calls for “safeguards” to prevent women from being bullied into religious-based arbitration vs. real legal counsel and representation, but Boyd’s critics attack her on this front, too:

Her critics say Boyd undermined those protections by also allowing people to waive their right to legal advice before they agree to arbitration instead of going to court to settle a dispute.

“I need to sound the alarm on a recommendation that poor women should be allowed to waive their fundamental right to an independent legal opinion,” said Marilou McPhedran, legal counsel to the Canadian Council of Muslim Women.

“Marion Boyd today has given legitimacy and credibility to the right-wing racists who fundamentally are against equal rights for men and women.” [More…]

I hope that progressive Muslims in Ontario and elsewhere in Canada, along with voices from the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, can convince the Ontario government to ditch Boyd’s recommendations. Fatah noted that this will immediately enter the rightwing Islamist propaganda mill: “Tomorrow in Tehran, in Jeddah, in Pakistan, in Kabul, in Sudan, every newspaper will say that Sharia has been approved by Canada,” predicted Fatah. I find it frightening that equal rights and representation before the law could, in a modern democracy, be undermined in favour of medieval, misogynist “religious” exemptions. What happened? Women really are the niggers of the world, aren’t they… Some men make her “paint her face and dance”, but some others make her put bags over her head and body. Same f*ng difference.


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    Comment by Anonymous — December 21, 2004 #

  2. Wow … seems like we have a “friend” in common Yule … because this “friend” also directed this woman to post in my comments and use that as a marketing forum for her work. It is one thing to contact us by email, I suppose, and ask for a plug; and quite another to just burst into our space and interrupt a discussion with a long ad.

    At first I thought this innocent … btu seeing it here, I wonder what the purpose of this is … or if this woman had hired som firm to spread the word for her….

    I am sorry that I too went off topic here. I was just mad when I saw these comments above.

    Your post is a depressing reminder of how the struggle has just begun! Vigilance, like yours, in these matters, invaluable to those of us who are slower at picking up the danger signs!

    Comment by maria — December 21, 2004 #

  3. Sadly this just plays into the hands of Christian fundamentalists in the US, and even more sadly Canada, that want to turn back the clock on human rights as well.

    Comment by Doug Alder — December 22, 2004 #

  4. That is frightening stuff. What party is Marion Boyd from? (I’m from Australia, so I don’t know – but somehow I’m afraid this is not coming from the conservative side of politics!)

    Comment by melanie — December 27, 2004 #

  5. It’s actually a relief to know that “Ruth M.” spammed you and others
    this way, Maria — I haven’t clicked through, but was worried that she
    might be real…. Yeah, it’s not very nice etiquette, in fact it’s none
    at all, to do this. Perhaps it’s a side-effect of the popularisation of
    blogs, that people think bloggers are making money and are really
    rootin’ and tootin’ and shootin’? As if, haha!Melanie, Marion
    Boyd is from the NDP, the party co-founded by David Lewis, whose son is
    Stephen Lewis (UN envoy, currently working on AIDS in Africa, etc.,
    really really interesting guy). Lewis is married to Michelle Landsberg,
    who was a columnist for the Toronto Star for years before her
    retirement a year or so ago, and who wrote brilliant and numerous
    columns championing the rights of women and the poor. Their son is Avi
    Lewis, who had a CBC show for a long time, and he’s married to Naomi
    Klein of No Logo fame. That’s one aspect of what the NDP was
    and is and stands for: a party that’s bona-fide left-of-centre and
    genuinely social-democratically geared. The report Boyd-of-the-NDP
    submitted goes to the current Ontario government, however, which is led
    by Dalton McGuinty, a Liberal. This party has a nasty reputation for
    screwing back the clock on social services and programmes — like BC’s
    Liberal Party, it appears it’s actually neo-liberal, meaning
    neo-conservative in being pro-unfettered business and against too much
    social “coddling.” I don’t know what they’ll do with Boyd’s report, but
    they’ll be mainly swayed by practicalities (will it get them votes?,
    will it cost them anything?, do powerful or powerless forces object or
    propse?), vs being primarily swayed by do-gooder impulses. While
    I can understand the “liberal” (i.e., socially progressive NDPish)
    motivations behind recommending “inclusion,” I emphatically draw the
    line at giving any kind of “tolerance” to laws that systemically
    oppress any group based on race or gender, which are categories people don’t choose
    but are born into (and that holds for “race,” even if you believe that
    race is a ridiculous social construct, too: it’s still operative, and
    you can’t change your skin colour at will. Ditto gender.). I think this
    proposal is an example of political correctness going over the edge,
    right into the deep end. But then again, I’m also one of the few people
    among the more liberal bloggers I read who openly stated her support of
    France’s ban of the hijab…. Another thing, I also
    don’t agree with giving special status to Orthodox Jews in Ontario’s
    family law (Boyd says that Sharia should be allowed because the
    Orthodox Jews get special treatment), but even if you let them keep
    their medieval nonsense, it wouldn’t upset me as much because there are
    far fewer Orthodox Jews than there are Muslims, whose immigrant group
    is growing much larger every year, and who therefore have a much better
    chance of changing social climate overall. Further, hardly any Orthodox
    Jews come to Canada anymore with zero English skills and with the
    political background of immigrants from Third World countries, nor do
    Orthodox Jews crave secular power. But Islam doesn’t recognise
    distinctions between secular and religious power, and many of the
    immigrants come with scant English skills, and they’re able to keep
    “their” women ignorant and abused. I think this is a quality AND a quantity
    issue. The US is getting more fundy xian, but here in Canada we’re
    letting secularism get eroded by political correctness. I don’t like
    it. I don’t want religion of any sort messing with secular institutions
    and laws. I’m just looking right now for the online petition you can sign against this, and came across this by Iranian secular society. Ok, I found the petition: “No!” to Sharia Tribunals in the Province of Ontario. If
    anyone has any insights on the efficacy of these online petitions, let
    me know. I thought I’d write a letter instead; seems more real perhaps
    than just signing an online petition, but I’d like more info. And yes, I do intend to write a bit more about this later…

    Comment by Yule Heibel — January 1, 2005 #

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