Duke Point Power Plant a no-go

June 17, 2005 at 11:27 pm | In yulelogStories | Comments Off on Duke Point Power Plant a no-go

The Duke Point Power Plant in Nanaimo is finally nixed for good.

Nanaimo Mayor Gary Korpan also criticized Hydro’s handling of the project, which he said has cost tens of millions of dollars.

“It has been a total waste of everyone’s time, money and worry,” he said. “How B.C. Hydro management has any credibility in the business community or with the public now, eludes me. If there is any vestige of decency left at B.C. Hydro, those executives who did this need to apologize to the citizens of Vancouver Island and resign.” [More…]

It was a stupid idea to begin with, it cost a fortune to bring to this point, but at least it’s finally shelved.

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