Two videos about Victoria’s technology scene

May 20, 2008 at 10:13 pm | In business, victoria | Comments Off on Two videos about Victoria’s technology scene

Last Thursday evening (May 15), VIATeC hosted its annual awards ceremony to honor local companies in the high tech sector. There’s one video from that event, which anyone interested in Victoria’s economy must watch: Clayton’s speech at the Vancouver Island Advanced Technology Center Awards (click to watch the video, Youtube). The Clayton giving the speech (did I already tell you to click through to watch it?) is Clayton Stark, VP of Engineering at Flock. For all those who still think that tourism and government jobs are the only thing that keep Victoria’s economy humming, please click through on the video and get enlightened. Clayton lays it on the line. Pay attention. (I am especially talking to all you neighbourhood community association types who are thinking of running for Victoria City Council.  Please get a clue, and don’t take us back to the stone ages!)

The other video is, I guess, a VIATeC in-house production designed to show people that the technology sector is both important, as well as neglected by mainstream thinking — and reporting. There’s a wonderful scene where a rather corpulent Times-Colonist reporter gets b-slapped by the great foam finger of Victoria’s #1 industry (tech!) to ensure that he’ll finally get the story and report things straight. See “Whatever it Takes” VIATeC Awards Video Spoof 2008. There are some very funny scenes, particularly if you know Victoria. I’m not sure if it’ll do the trick in terms of attracting people outside of the tight-knit circle here, but it’s an improvement on what must have been last year’s promo, which focused on dissing Toronto. Negative ads, people, are so weak — we’re better than that. “Whatever it Takes” is definitely a step in the right direction.

But if you want it straight from the horse’s mouth (the techie’s brain?), don’t miss Clayton’s speech at the VIATeC Awards.

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